Step 1  

You must have PayPal account. To know how to add PayPal account click here.

Step 2

Go to your stream/video that you want to add pay per view for it 

Step 3

Click "Edit Setting". (This example on stream)

Step 4

Click "Add Pay Per View" button.

Step 5

Select  PayPal account then click "Update PayPal".

Step 6 

Click "Add Pay Per View" button.

Step 7 

Enter your ticket information then click "save button".

Ticket information
Price (how much will it cost your visitors).
Expiration duration for ticket (Visitor can use his ticket during 1 day for example).
Duration (Visitor can watch your media for 3 hours for example during the day ).
Start Date (Ticked duration start count since it purchase).
Viewers per ticket (how many times visitor can watch your media).

Now any visitor to your media must buy a ticket.

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