First you need to link your YouTube account to Helnix Account
     · Go to "Live Stream" from the menu
     · Click on the "Add new Stream" Button
     · Click on the “Link YouTube” button.
     · You will be redirected to “Google account sign in” page.
     · Login to your account then press on the “Allow” button to get the code.
     · Copy the code and back to “Live stream” page and paste your code. then
        click on “Continue Linking” button.

when link success,you will find two tabs “Events”and “Create New Event”:

  • Events:  show your YouTube account events, to add event:

    · Just, select your event from “YouTube Account Events” list.
    · Then click on move button to add event in “Your Added Events”.
    ·  Click on “Save” to appear event(s) in live stream page.

  • Create New Event:

   ·  Put Event name and set start and end time to your event, then click on “create”.
   ·  You can create event without set end time.
   ·  If you start YouTube stream, after stop it, you will find a new video in Video On-Demand page at “YouTube” tab and YouTube stream disappear from live stream page.
   ·  Videos that will be uploaded to manage video On-Demand page won’t pull from your storage.

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